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Site Posting Rules
« on: Mar 19, 2011, 05:00:13 »
We have a mature community here at DzinerStudio, and we'd like to assure it remains as such. So, the staff have agreed to putting forth a few posting rules that apply to all areas of our site.

There are additional rules that govern posts for Theme Support.  If you intend to seek support, please read those rules before posting.

Posting Rules:

  • -Please post in English.
  • -There is no call for foul language for any reason.
  • -Do not accuse members of theme theft, illegal sales/distribution or copyright removal in the public forums. Absolutely no public links that may lead to websites offering DzinerStudio related downloads. Report/Contact a Staff member.
  • -No flaming (personally attacking) or trolling (intentionally trying to start a fight).  No racist/sexist comments.
  • -No "bumping", "spamming" or "cross-posting" (repeated posts). Please allow a minimum of 24 hours with no replies before bringing attention to your original support request posts.
  • -Please keep posts appropriate to the topic. No hijacking another member's thread.
  • -Please do not post materials or links directed to sites relating to pornography, drugs, racism or any material that may be deemed inappropriate.
  • -No advertising is allowed. Exceptions - Linking to your site in the Site Showcase forum.
  • -No linking or referencing malware, hacks or other exploits.
  • -No discussing illegal activities.
  • -DO NOT send members Private messages or emails requesting illegal access to premium themes.
    Doing so will result in the loss of your right to post and may lead to a site wide ban.
  • -DO NOT send members Private Messages offering access to premium themes.
    Doing so WILL lead to a site wide ban and may result in legal action being initiated as well.
  • -DO NOT send Private Messages to staff for basic theme or design support inquiries. PM staff only for website issues or account support or if invited. PM's for basic theme or design support may be ignored. Please use our support boards for theme/design support.

Note: There is no need for rudeness or a demanding attitude while requesting support.
Logically support for Club members takes priority over free theme support but DzinerStudio offers support for all of our themes regardless. Please be patient when requesting support as we read each and every requests and will respond as soon as we are able. If you take it upon yourself to be rude and demanding when requesting support then please don't be offended if we return the favor. 

Violations of the above rules will be handled by:

  • Editing/deleting the post to remove inappropriate content
  • Moving posts to appropriate forum for their topic
  • Warnings (via PM)
  • Muted from posting

Multiple infractions will result in:

  • Restrictions (suspensions)
  • Banning (loss of Community membership)

Club members are not exempt of these rules. DzinerStudio attains the right to revoke or suspend any club membership account without refund if a member is found violating our rules, terms and/or policies.

Zero Tolerance which will result in Immediate Banning (loss of Community membership) for those who post any pornography or drug related materials and/or links.

If you see a violation of the above rules, please click on Report to Moderator. Do not take the matter into your own hands and take the poster to task. The situation will be handled as soon as possible by a staff member.

We reserve the right to modify our policies as need arises.



When reporting a website please make sure to include a description or reason as to why you feel that the site in question is not following DzinerStudio's terms or theme usage policies.
Also when reporting, please include any links that may be in violation of DzinerStudio's terms or theme usage policies. If no links can be provided then making a report is not necessary. If you receive an email or PM requesting premium theme access then please copy and paste the entire message, including times and dates and include it in your report. You can also use the "Report To Admin" option at the bottom right of any Private Message that you may receive.

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