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Theme Support Posting Guide - PLEASE READ
« on: Oct 20, 2008, 07:50:49 »
In order to make the Support process both more efficient and easier on the Support Team and you the customer, please refer to the following guidelines when seeking support.

Search First!

Before you create a new topic for support, please do a Search to see if your question has already been asked and answered.  Chances are, it has!  However, if you are unable to find what you need via Search, follow this guide to help us help you with your issue.

Design Copyrights

Before you post, please make sure your site has retained the design copyright information in the footer.  IE the Designed by DzinerStudios + link back here.  We are less than happy about providing support to those who cannot respect our work enough to give credit for the theme design.  If you have made modifications to the design feel free to ADD your own name there, but you cannot remove our copyright.

Support Posting Guide

Where to Post
a)  Please make your posts in the appropriate forum.  That is, if you have an issue with the Outline theme, please post your topic in the Outline forum under Theme Support.  Posts not in the proper place will be moved.  No Cross Posting! Please only post your issue once in the most relevant forum.  Cross posts to other areas will be deleted.
b) We do not offer technical help with the SMF or TinyPortal software itself.  If you are experiencing a bug that pertains to the software and not our themes, please refer to the respective sites for support.
c)  We do not offer technical support for 3rd party modifications themselves.  Please refer to the modification author for support.

Paid Theme Support

Support for our Paid themes are given to customers in a private support area.  Any support issues posted outside of these forums will be moved and/or deleted.  No support for paid themes will ever be given to a member who is not in the Customer group.  Any threads started by such a member will be locked and/or deleted.

Topic Subject
Pick a subject for your topic that is descriptive of your problem.  Be brief but concise, you can expand on your issue in the topic post.  It is not helpful to have a dozen threads titled "Problem!!"

Issue Description
Please provide as much information in your initial post as you can.  This will allow the Support Team or other site members to provide efficient support without having to ask subsequent questions to get more information.  The following is a good example of what information we will need:

a)  Link to your site
b)  Software used and versions  (ie SMF, SMF+TinyPortal, versions)
c)  Theme used
d)  Any error messages you are receiving.
e)  Any modifications you've already done to the theme (if applicable)
f)  Screenshots of the issue
g)  Browser type/version (optional - sometimes issues are browser specific)

Issue Resolution
If your issue has been resolved, please edit the first post of your topic and choose the Solved message icon .  You may also reply to the thread stating that the topic has been solved so a Support Team member can close the topic.
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